Teacher and School Recruitment Services

Teach and Inspire is formed and supported by a team of educationalists based in India and abroad.  We are specialized in recruitment of a teaching staff.

Teachers are the most important part of any child’s life as well as they are the face of the institute. Hiring of the right talent has become even more challenging given the current demographics and the newly engineered parental behavior. Technology plays a big part as people prefer more virtual interactions at the same time want focused personalized care for their child.

The current challenge for any school is to get a teacher who is adaptive to the culture, ethos and philosophy of the school plus the schools have to confront the retention of the teachers due to availability of offers in the market.

The typical way of recruitment by listing a job advertisement in the news paper or website is not helping in getting the right talent for the school. Teach and Inspire has the database of screened candidates and we can help you to find the right fit as per the requirement in terms of skill, experience and turnaround time for hiring.

The highlights of our hiring process :

  • Our experience in education field helps us to understand the requirements of the school.
  • Candidates are shortlisted basis of our discussion with the school
  • A psychometric test is conducted by us which is specially designed for this process
  • These candidates are then sent for an interview to the school.
  • Upon selection of a candidate, we conduct the orientation and training for the candidate so that a candidate can adapt to your school’s environment and their integration becomes easy.