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Teacher Training Program

Finding the Right fit teacher for the role and the culture of the school has always been a challenge. We at Teach and Inspire believe that having the right mix of functional and behavioral skills are critical.

We also understand how critical it is for aspiring teachers to get the right school and environment which will help them to grow as “educators”. At Teach and Inspire, we have designed a unique program to connect the aspiring teachers to the schools. This program will give a finishing touch to the prospective teachers and make the transition to teaching easy and methodical. Teach and Inspire will also help in placing the candidates by connecting them to the schools from our database.

This program will equip aspirant teachers with self confidence, skills, approach, attitude and equanimity to manage the new job of teaching. The skills taught in this program will be a good add-on to what the candidates have learnt during B.Ed courses.

Objective of this program –

  • To use competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective tutor.
  • To inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students.
  • To develop critical awareness about the social realities among the students.
  • To be Creative in the classroom and child centered in their practice
  • To be competent in their pedagogy
  • To have an initiative in strategic planning and implementation
  • To be world class professionals
  • To be a keen facilitators
  • To be good in functional English
  • To be good in usage of technology
  • Deeply rooted in culture and values


Trainings for In-service Teachers: 

-Continuous Development Program

We also understand how critical it is for teachers to keep themselves updated with rapid changes in the field of education and their progress as “educators”. At Teach and Inspire, we have designed a unique program for teachers i.e. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to upgrade the skills in line with evolving requirements and developments. The modules for this program will be designed jointly with you to address your school’s specific skill gaps.

This program will equip your teachers with self confidence, skills, approach, attitude and equanimity to manage the challenges in teaching.

Training for Early Childhood Education:

Early childhood education needs are different.  Working with this age group requires patience and sensitivity.  A teacher has to be adaptable to the emotions of the children and at the same time has to be creative to generate the interest in “learning”. Our training program is specially designed for those who are passionate to teach and mold these young minds.  For being early education teacher, you need to have right approach, skill, dedication and personality. Our training program helps you to build all these qualities.

Soft Skills Training for Teachers:

  • Time Management – Techniques and Strategies
  • Stress Management – Root, Reason, Recovery and Rejuvenation strategies
  • Goal Settings – Short and Long term
  • Learning from your competitor – Why and How
  • Dressing Etiquettes.
  • Addressing the crowd – Presentation Skills.
  • Team Leader training Programs – Using your team potential best and worst.

Teacher and School Recruitment Services

Teachers are the most important part of any child’s life as well as they are the face of the institute. Hiring of the right talent has become even more challenging given the current demographics and the newly engineered parental behavior. Technology plays a big part as people prefer more virtual interactions at the same time want focused personalized care for their child.

The current challenge for any school is to get a teacher who is adaptive to the culture, ethos and philosophy of the school plus the schools have to confront the retention of the teachers due to availability of offers in the market.

The typical way of recruitment by listing a job advertisement in the news paper or website is not helping in getting the right talent for the school. Teach and Inspire has the database of screened candidates and we can help you to find the right fit as per the requirement in terms of skill, experience and turnaround time for hiring.

The highlights of our hiring process:

  1. Our experience in education field helps us to understand the requirements of the school.
  2. Candidates are shortlisted basis of our discussion with the school
  3. A psychometric test is conducted by us which is specially designed for this process
  4. These candidates are then sent for an interview to the school.
  5. Upon selection of a candidate, we conduct the orientation and training for the candidate so that a candidate can adapt to your school’s environment and their integration becomes easy.

 Board/Trustee Development Program


Board and Trustee Development program’ provides Boards opportunities for developing robust governance and right culture.

Benefits of the program:
This programme aims to develop school Trustee and Board leadership skills, ensuring that governance is both effective and sustainable

The programme would be conducted over a mix of face to face workshops and online and telephonic mentoring sessions involving experts in field of Governance and education.

Programme outcomes:
By the end of the programme participants will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of strategic leadership within the context of governance. Participants will be effective in

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leadership to account for educational performance
  • Overseeing financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Support Services

  • Improving school’s financial efficiency.
  • Vendor Management
  • School Event Management
  • Teachers Offsite & Field Trip Arrangements

Engage & Build a Sustainable Partnership

We at Teach and Inspire are keen to partner with your school in this journey and to be your preferred training, orientation and recruitment partner.

The most effective way to bring value to your school is to engage and build a sustainable partnership.